Many seniors have realized a better quality of life by taking out a reverse mortgage to pay off an existing loan, pay for other expenses, or to supplement retirement income. Reverse mortgages empower seniors to live independently by allowing them to remain in their homes and in control of their personal finances.  I have been blessed to work with so many seniors over the last several years, helping them accomplish their financial objectives through the use of a reverse mortgage.  This product has changed lives!  A reverse mortgage may not be the right fit for everyone but for many seniors, it has been the perfect fiancial solution.  

Individual analysis mutually determines whether or not a reverse mortgage is the proper tool to meet your financial goals.  As your trusted advisor, I look forward to meeting with you face to face and guiding you in your decision making process.  In consideration of accessing the equity in your home, together, we will determine which product becomes the best solution to accomplish your financial objectives.  

Use our free Life Expectancy Set Aside (LESA) calculator to educate yourself on the amount needed to set aside funds to pay property charges, including homeowners insurance, property tax, and HOA dues. A LESA sets aside a portion of your reverse mortgage line of credit for the purpose of paying these future charges, giving you peace of mind. (Enter annual amounts.)* Legal

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Stability and success are important at every stage in your life. For those exploring the benefits of reverse mortgages, we understand that your families and your security are paramount. We provide quality, dependable customer care you can trust.

Buying a home

Open Mortgage also offers HECM for Purchase (H4P), which lets seniors 62 and older combine two financial transactions — a down payment with a reverse mortgage loan — to purchase a new home.

Refinancing a home

Take advantage of a lower rate that could reduce your monthly payment or change the term of your loan. Our outstanding customer service and commitment to provide transparent communications means that Open Mortgage makes your priorities our mission.


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